• The attorney convinced us he had the experience to get the job done. He then shared his plan to assist my family in areas that were not related to just stopping the foreclosure. We decided right away that he was the attorney to help our family.

    George D.

  • The team at Herrin & Wright was respectful to me. The concept of bankruptcy was like admitting failure. The team never made me feel like I had failed. They helped me take back control and meet my obligations.

    Carrie M.

  • Everyone at Herrin & Wright has been very helpful every step of the way. My questions and concerns have always been answered. I feel like I have a team working on my side, that I'm not going through this alone. I would strongly recommend the firm to anyone seeking help for their particular situation.

    Mary M.

  • Every time I have had a problem or a question I have always received a respond and been treated so nicely not like I am a bother Sherri is so nice and has always resolved the problem or gave me the answer to my question in a satisfactory time.

    Mary C

  • Herrin & Wrights, PLLC are very prompt to render their services to their clients. I have excellent experience working with this company, specially with Paul Wright and Sherri Burks.

    Manju S

  • EVERYONE was exceptionally professional, positive, helpful and hopeful.

    Shirley L

  • I just love Sherri =) Very professional and nice.... Especially nice =)

    Frank R

  • The lawyers and entire staff are very helpful and understanding. Thank you.

    John L

  • Bankruptcy is something that is not easy to go though. Luckily, there are people like the employees of Herrin & Wright. Every time I've had an issue with a collector, or anything related to my case, these ladies have been awesome! Katherine and Sherry are especially productive, kind and sincere. I'm not glad I am having to file bankruptcy, but I AM GLAD I found Herrin & Wright!

    Michael C

  • Called to schedule initial consultation & Katherine was very helpful & informative in regards to my individual situation. Excellent service!

    Barbara R

  • Katherine is very efficient and very courteous.

    Al M

  • It is very straightforward when speaking with this magnificent law firm. The office is always available and very quickly responds to any question or concerns pertinent to your legal matter. The attorneys do what they agreed to do, they don't talk you down and try to encourage you to settle for anything less than what you expected. In fact, this law firm exceeded my first expectations. It is well-worth the cost to be client of this law firm.

    Selvester R

  • Prior to filing bankruptcy we were unsure what to do as we had used all of our savings due to sickness and had repossessions and were about to lose our home. My FICO credit score was in the upper 400s and lower 500s depending on which agency you looked at. My current credit score is between 630s to 680s depending on the credit agency you look at. My wife was the same in the same situation as me. She was in the upper 400s and lower 500s as well. She is now between 630 and 700. Our discharge was completed in March of last year (2014) and this has all taken place since then; so in less than a year from bankruptcy we have greatly improved our credit score.

    Jimmy and Linda H. (part 1)

  • Right at two months from being discharged from bankruptcy we were both able to secure a credit card, we have now been able to get another credit card as well so now we have two. The key thing to remember is create a monthly budget and stick with it and if you are using the credit cards then pay them off at the end of the month or before, never carry a balance. We use ours to pay our bills for the month that are in our budget. Daniel has been great from the start and has been with us through the entire journey and was and still is willing to answer any questions we have had.

    Jimmy and Linda H. (Part 2)