Lawsuits & IRS

Lawsuits, Garnishments & IRS

The Internal Revenue Service can be the most ruthless creditor when it comes to collections. They often times will leave you with nothing but the shirt on your back. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Like with any other difficult situation you may face, there are options to help mitigate and sometimes completely eliminate the IRS debt you may owe.

Our law firm has helped hundreds of people deal with the IRS. Some of the tools we have used to help our clients are: offer in compromise, installment plan, discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, or repayment in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Whatever is going on, give our office a call and get a meeting scheduled with Daniel or Paul. The first meeting is free and we will discuss all the options available you to fix the situation.


Lawsuits can be scary but they don’t have to be. Most people don’t want to spend the money to hire an attorney to represent them. It is costly and the results are not guaranteed. However, doing nothing is the worst tactic you can take. Doing nothing allows the plaintiff to get whatever he wants. He literally gets to draft the judgment that is signed by the Judge. Not only will it not be fair but it will maximize the hurt. Sometimes its better to simply address the debt by filing bankruptcy, however, if there is a defense then we can fight for you. The key word is fight. This isn’t about laying down and giving up. Regardless of the situation, we can at minimum give you options and time. Our entire purpose is to provide positive results. We are not in the business of billing you and getting you no where. Most people who have had experience with an attorney likely feel that there was no value. When you pay a lawyer money and the result is no different than if you had not hired an attorney, that is to be frank bull****. We won’t waste your time or money and are serious about the services we provide.

There are lots of potential defenses you could raise so give us a call to discuss and fully examine all options available to you. 469-554-9529.


If we can give anyone a piece of advice, try not to get into debt with the IRS. However, if you are already there take a deep breath because there is a way out. Outside of Bankruptcy, the IRS can be very aggressive and make your life extremely difficult. However, in Bankruptcy, the IRS must abide by certain bankruptcy rules that can help you out.

In some cases, depending on how old the IRS debt is and when you filed your tax return, you may not have to repay any of that debt. So, lets say you owe $10,000 from a tax return you filed 5 years ago. In a lot of cases, you may be able to discharge that debt (essentially have it erased) without having to repay a single cent to the IRS. Again, whether your IRS debt is going to survive your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is going to depend on your specific circumstances, so give us a call and we can complete dischargeability analysis performed.


A garnishment is a legal procedure that allows your creditor(s) to collect money from your paycheck, bank account or tax refund in order to repay debt that is legally owed. The most common type of garnishment is a wage garnishment. Luckily, in the state of texas, wage garnishments are generally not allowed. However, if your employer operates outside of the State of Texas, then your paycheck may be garnished. We are one of the top law firms in Dallas – Forth Worth area.