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Daniel Herrin and Paul Wright have been among the top Fort Worth bankruptcy attorneys for several years, serving Fort Worth, Dallas and the DFW metro area. They were rated among the top bankruptcy attorneys by the Fort Worth Magazine, and provide a holistic approach to bankruptcy and prioritize their client’s complete financial recovery. In order to do so, Herrin & Wright take time to get to know you and your financial situation. They will work with you to help you deal with your bankruptcy, foreclosure or repossessions.

Prior to filing bankruptcy we were unsure what to do as we had used all of our savings due to sickness and had repossessions and were about to lose our home…Our discharge was completed in March of last year (2014) and this has all taken place since then; so in less than a year from bankruptcy we have greatly improved our credit score. Daniel has been great from the start and has been with us through the entire journey and was and still is willing to answer any questions we have had.

– Jimmy and Linda H.

Our Fort Worth Bankruptcy Law Services

As some of the leading bankruptcy attorneys in Fort Worth TX, Herrin & Wright work to provide top quality legal services. Paul Wright and Daniel Herrin worked previously in the conveyor-belt like systems many big bankruptcy firms employ, and they noticed many inadequacies. In order to counteract this, they formed Herrin & Wright, where they, along with a talented team of attorneys take time to focus on you and your specific problem. They don’t just help you file bankruptcy, they continue to hold your hand throughout the financial recovery.
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Fort Worth Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy is the overarching field in which we specialize and our team of Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys is dedicated to your financial freedom. We are here to help you succeed. We rely on the referrals of our happy clients, and we do everything within our power to ensure a positive resolution to your bankruptcy. With Herrin & Wright, you’ll sit down with a dedicated attorney who can rival the best bankruptcy lawyer Fort Worth has to offer.
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Fort Worth Foreclosure Lawyers

For many, the receipt of a foreclosure notice feels like the end of a crushing struggle. That doesn’t have to be the case. Our top quality Fort Worth foreclosure attorneys are experienced and passionate, and will fight to protect your interests. Your home is probably your most valuable possession. The battle isn’t over. Let our experienced foreclosure lawyers help you fight against your foreclosure.
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Fort Worth Repossession Lawyers

Our team of Fort Worth repossession attorneys have successfully fought and overturned vehicle repossessions and we want to put our knowledge to work for you. If you are facing a vehicle repossession in Fort Worth TX, we’d like to help. Contact us to speak with a repossession attorney in Fort Worth, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you out.
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Fort Worth IRS Attorneys

Our team of Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys has been helping people resolve IRS issues for over 5 years, and we have the experience and passion to help you too. The IRS can seem very unforgiving, but we are willing and able to represent you and ensure you are treated fairly and given every possible opportunity. If you live in Fort Worth or the DFW Metroplex and need help with an IRS matter, contact us today!
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