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Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys Daniel Herrin and Paul Wright have been serving the city of Dallas and the DFW metroplex for over 5 years. They provide top quality legal support for those dealing with Bankruptcy, Home Foreclosures, Vehicle Repossessions and more in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Offering a holistic approach to financial health, Herrin & Wright take the time to get to know their clients situations, and offer not only legal counsel, but also solid budgeting advice and financial guidance to take you from bankruptcy to recovery.

Everyone at Herrin & Wright has been very helpful every step of the way. My questions and concerns have always been answered. I feel like I have a team working on my side, that I’m not going through this alone. I would strongly recommend the firm to anyone seeking help for their particular situation.

– Mary M.

Our Dallas Bankruptcy Law Services

Herrin and Wright pride themselves on being one of the best Bankruptcy Attorneys in Dallas TX with a client centered approach. While many bankruptcy law firms base their process on churning out suits in a system that resembles a conveyor belt, Herrin & Wright aims to have a bigger, lasting impact on a smaller volume of clients. This ensures that we are able to devote our complete attention to you and your financial needs. In order to do this as completely as possible, we’ve developed a suite of financially oriented legal services to ensure your needs are catered to. Here’s a list of the legal roles we fill:
Bankruptcy Lawyer Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcies are our specialty, and unlike many Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys, our goal is quality over quantity. We strive to ensure that you are well represented, and that your recovery is permanent. After engaging our services, you will be prepared for the rigors of the bankruptcy filing process and provided with a guide back to financial health.
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Foreclosure Attorney Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

Dallas Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosures are a crushing and difficult event in any person’s life. Often going hand in hand with bankruptcies, we’ve supported numerous families and individuals with our foreclosure legal services. You won’t find a more supportive team of Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys and foreclosure lawyers in Dallas than the dedicated team at Herrin & Wright. Contact us today. We’ll take the time to learn about your situation and take you from consultation to recovery.
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Repossession Attorney Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

Dallas Repossession Lawyers

Another branch of our services deals with helping those fighting vehicle repossession. As some of the best Dallas Repossession Attorneys available, our experienced team is caring and tenacious and will do everything possible to ensure your needs are met, and that you have the best legal support during your repossession. Don’t give up without a fight; Contact us today!
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IRS Attorney Dallas Bankruptcy Attorney

Dallas IRS Attorneys

If you’re unfortunate enough to have gotten on the wrong side of the IRS, they can be a very formidable adversary. As part of an organization as large as the federal government, they can’t afford to “play nice”. If you’ve been contacted by the IRS and are needing support from a Dallas based attorney, contact Herrin & Wright right away.
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