Herrin & Wright developed from two attorneys at the largest bankruptcy filer in the state of Texas who fundamentally want your bankruptcy to mean more to you than an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper you get at the end.

It was in the daily grind of pumping out 300 bankruptcies per month where the Herrin & Wright team saw a different way to approach finances. It isn’t just about filing a bankruptcy to place a band-aid on the problem; it is about educating our clients about the root of their problem and explaining the fundamentals of finances. Embracing a method of teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry, the Herrin & Wright team could no longer watch big bankruptcy filers, often referred to as mills, shove one more person through the process. So instead of watching the “big guy” win again, Daniel Herrin, Paul Wright decided to do something about it – as a result Herrin & Wright was formed.

Herrin and Wright has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to financial difficulties. We have counseled thousands of people and helped them through their financial problems and more importantly, helped them solve their financial problems.

We promise you one thing, our finances are inherently different from yours; and yours are inherently different from your brothers’, and so on; so the starting point at Herrin & Wright is to not pretend that anyone’s finances are similar to anyone else’s. Undeniably a person’s finances are directly connected to their personal well being; therefore, you cannot just fix the finances without talking about the personal. And bankruptcy is not the only way to fix finances. These are the reasons that Herrin & Wright practices in all areas of the financial spectrum, from bankruptcy to wealth management, business litigation, creditor harassment, and debt settlement.

Debt is not foreign to the Herrin & Wright team; as well as adversity or making tough choices. But we are here to tell you, you can live the life you want, right now. No one is promising it will be easy but we can help you get there. Daniel and Paul are both the first lawyers in their families; it is not easy to be the first in anything these days but it is discipline and commitment that yields positive results in your life. The bigger picture of your finances is understanding your values and building your life vision around those values; that is what Herrin & Wright will help you identify and carve out a path for you to follow to get to where you want to go. We believe we are, and continue to strive to be the best bankruptcy lawyers in Dallas, Texas.

Serving the bankruptcy law needs of the entire DFW Metroplex:

Herrin & Wright, PLLC is proudly Texan. We have been providing legal support for Bankruptcies, Home Foreclosures, Vehicle Repossessions and IRS issues for several years, and have been named in Fort Worth Magazine as some of the Top Bankruptcy attorneys in the metroplex.

We have physical offices providing:

But we proudly serve all of DFW, and our team includes:

  • Plano bankruptcy lawyers,
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